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Spray Tan Equipment

Airbrush Tanning System

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1 x Whisper Quiet Air Brush System

1 x Tan Me Fast Med - Dark 250ml

1 x Training Manual

Online Education

Airbrush Tanning System


Tired of your loud, leaking, product wasting system? Introducing Oztan's Superior Airbrush Tanning for A-list results.


To guarantee flawless results the application process is incredibly important. The Oztan Airbrush Tanning System elevates spray tanning application to a whole new level of performance, ideal for the serious tanning professional who's under pressure to deliver celebrity A-list results every time...


The perfect atomisation of tan solution with the 60psi compressor and air gun ensures outstandingly even product delivery with minimal overspray.


The active ingredients are distributed more evenly so the tan develops more evenly, lasts longer and fades more evenly too.


Producing smaller, more concentrated spray droplets ensures a more even distribution of the active tanning ingredients leading to a more flawless and even tan development. This in turn generates a more even fading process.


Quality that Never Leaks

The precision stainless steel and aluminium spray gun is light weight, long lasting and the gravity feed pot lever leaks. The adjustable fan width allows for artistic creativity and precise body contouring all in under 5 minutes for a full body tan.


Increase Your Profits

Less overspray means less cleaning and more profits for you. Achieve an extra 10 tans per litre compared with the average turbine system. Using only 35 - 40ml per full body spray. At $40 per tan that's an extra $400 extra returns on every bottle of solution.


The Oztan Whisper Quiet system is ideal for the salon, spa or mobile with no noise to disturb other clients enjoying their treatments. 


This system includes a bonus 250ml of Oztan Tan Me Fast Med - Dark professional tan solution and complete Training Manual with access to the Online Video Education.



The included Professional Video Training and Training Manual will guide you through everything you need to know from choosing the right colour to application technique, machine set up and maintenance with lots of tips and hints along the way.


The Oztan team are passionately committed to helping you establish, nurture and grow your tanning business. Not only do we pride ourselves on an outstanding product range and innovative whisper quiet professional equipment - customer service, education and marketing support are key to ensuring you are equipped to achieve success.


Payment Plan

Spread over 4 easy payments - Payment Plans can be arranged by contacting Oztan directly.

The revolutionary Oztan Whisper Quiet Spa System – the ideal spray tan system for the spa environment. There is no noise to disturb other clients enjoying salon treatments.


 Spray Perfection

The Oztan 60psi compressor produces smaller, more concentrated droplets, rather than the visibly large drops of standard tan machines. This ensures a more even distribution of the active tanning ingredient, creating a more flawless and even tan every time.


 Minimal Overspray = 65% Increased Profit

Using less than 40ml of tanning solution per full body spray tan. That’s up to 9 more tans per litre of solution compared with the standard plastic HVLP systems, increasing profit by over 65%. 1L of Oztan Spray Tan solution = 25 Spray Tans.


Alternatively the Oztan Glam System is the ideal entry-level spray tan system. Perfect for the mobile salon business. It is compact, has a 3 speed HVLP turbine with heat function and pro mist applicator.

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