Oztan Airbrush Spray Tanning Student Package

Superior Airbrush Tanning

This student package combination includes everything you need to learn the art of airbrush spray tanning including:

Oztan Airbrush Tanning System, Training Manual + Online Education Program, Skylight Pop Up Tan Tent, Five Oztan Professional Solution Colours 250ml, POS Brochures and Poster.

With our Professional Online Airbrush Spray Tan Education included with this package combination you will learn all the skills and have all the products you need to successfully master your professional spray tan service.

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Airbrush Tanning Student Pack Includes:

  • 0.5mm Airbrush Applicator
  • 60PSI Compressor & Hose
  • Skylight Pop Up Tan Tent
  • Tan Me Golden Honey 2HR (Light) 7% DHA 250ml
  • Tan Me Bondi Bronze 2HR (Med) 9% DHA 250ml
  • Tan Me Desert Oak 2HR (Dark) 12% DHA 250ml
  • Tan Me Fast Med - Dark 12% DHA 250ml
  • Tan Me Fast Extra Dark 16% DHA 250ml
  • POS Brochure Pack (25)
  • Posters x 1
  • Online Airbrush Education and Training Manual
  • In salon training with Oztan educator available in some areas.

Total value when purchased separately $1478.50

Precision Airbrush Equipment

Precision product delivery with the Oztan Airbrush System guarantees flawless results and every time.

The 60psi Airbrush Compressor delivers the active ingredients more evenly, so the tan develops more evenly, lasts longer and fades more evenly too.

Producing smaller, more concentrated spray droplets ensures a more even distribution of the active tanning ingredient leading to a more flawless and even tan development. This in turn generates a more even fading process.

Gravity Feed Airbrush Applicator - Never Leaks

Quality stainless steel and aluminium is lightweight, long lasting and refreshingly the gravity feed pot never leaks.

With adjustable fan width allowing for artistic creativity and precise body contouring - all in under 5 minutes for a full body tan.

Whisper Quiet Function

At only 54 Db this is the quietest spray tan system on the market making it ideal for busy salons and spas not wanting to disturb other clients enjoying treatments.

Increase Your Profits

Less overspray means less cleaning and more profits for you.

Achieve an extra 10 tans per litre compared to the average plastic turbine system. Using only 35 – 40ml of tan solution per tan, that’s an extra $300 return per litre of tan solution.

25 tans x $35 = $875 ROI per litre (approximate)

Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions18 × 32 × 40 cm

How to Use

Professional Education Included with Every Airbrush

Achieving flawless results is not only dependent on outstanding products and equipment – education and the application process is vital to ensuring you are well equipped to achieve success with flawless results.

Therefore the Oztan Online Education Program included with every Oztan Airbrush System (or can be purchased separately) will guide you through everything you need to know about tanning.”

What your training includes:

  • Airbrush system set up – settings, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Product knowledge – active ingredients, colour bases – green, violet and balanced, how much to apply and processing times.
  • My client – preparation, choosing the right colour and after care.
  • Spraying your client – step-by-step flawless application technique.
  • In salon training can also be arranged in some areas.


Airbrush System

Whisper Quiet Compressor 220 – 240V, Max 60 PSI, 54 Decibel, 7.5kg.

Coiled Air Hose 2 Metre.

0.5mm Precision Airbrush Aplicator, Stainless Steel and Aluminium, 0.5kg.

Gravity Feed Plastic Solution Pot 130ml.

Approximate 35 – 40ml Tan Solution required per full body spray tan

One year manufacturers warranty + extended warranty for Oztan stockists (Conditions apply).

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  1. Simone Llewellyn

    “No words to describe the satisfaction… LOVE!!”
    Siobhan Gillam Makeup Art & Direction Pro Spray Tan Artist.

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