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Portable Extractors, Towers & Popup Tents

Minimise overspray and cleaning with four-stage filtration

Creating a professional functional space is important for the comfort of your staff and clients alike. We have a choice of Spray Tan Extractions systems to suit every space.


Tower Extraction Booth

Tower above the rest with a light, clean and & spacious spray tan environment.

The central column of extraction fans remove overspray from the air, keeping the room and the air you breathe free from spray tan residue.

The open design allows in ample light for optimal visibility while the extraction fans prevent overspray from spreading around your room.


Practical Design

Requiring less space than a Popup Tent

The triangular design fits perfectly into a corner of your room with overall dimensions smaller than a Pop up Tent.


All-in-One, Extraction & SpraY TAN system

 Extraction Booth with  Turbine Spray System

Extraction Booth + Turbine Spray Tan System.

This professional all in one circular design takes up less space than a pop up tent.

The central column of extraction fans remove overspray from the air, keeping the room and the air you breathe free from spray tan residue.

The built in natural coloured lighting ensures optimal visibility.

Create your professional space.


oztaN, Natural Flawless Colour

Bonus Professional Solution

Your booth pays for itself with this amazing bonus!

For a limited time, purchase an Extraction Booth and receive 2 BONUS litres of Oztan professional tan solution.  Choose which 2 colours you would like!

Estimated ROI on BONUS solutions is $2000
(25 tans per litre at $40 = $1000 per litre)

Oztan Professional Tanning Solutions 1L Pack | Oztan Natural Flawless Spray Tanning Solutions


Portable Extraction Unit

Light weight and transportable

The Portable Extraction Unit is lightweight and transportable therefore suitable for mobile technicians or salons with restricted space.

Place in the back of your Pop-up Tent to drastically reduce overspray. The four-stage filtration keeps the air fresh and your room free from overspray.


Disposable Filter Pads

Suits both the Tower and Portable Extraction Units.

The convenient disposable filter pads are easily changed with each fan unit opening from the front.

Filters should be changed every 100 – 200 sprays depending on equipment used. Available in a box of six..


Popup Skylight Tan Tent

Lets the light in for optimal visibility

Pop up style spray tan enclosure with clear roof and upper windows lets the light in for optimal visibility with no shadows.

Ideal for mobile tanners or salons with restricted space as it can be folded down when not in use. Features include a back opening for use with a Portable Extraction Unit. Carry bag included.

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What People Are Saying…

For years I had a pop up tent and then I renovated my salon with white walls and shelving so it was important to me to keep the salon pristine. I upgraded to the Tower Extractor model and haven’t looked back. Thank you Oztan!

- Linda



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