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The one tan my boyfriend says smells good! No tanning odours.

- Jayme

Evolve Beauty VIC

Hi Simone, Just letting you know I really love the new Extra Dark tan. It’s beautiful and smells so nice, job well done and the dancing girls love it as well. I sprayed my daughter with the new tan but lighter and she says it wears off very good and the colour is very natural when sprayed lighter.
- Jayne Dooney

Happy Valley Beauty Spot & Beauty Spot Plympton Park SA

A beautician I go to for laser on my legs suggested Oztan as I react to all other self tanning products. She was even kind enough to lend me her Oztan to test if I would be okay with it. And I was!

- Julie-Ann Hind

Ardross WA

Hi lovely,

I want to say how much I adore and love oztan’s products. I get allergic reactions to most fake tan products, but not oztan! It is amazing 😊

Thank you!

- Tehliah

Dundas ACT

Hi Guys,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your amazing customer service but most of all I would like to say a massive thank you for your incredible products.

For years I tried so many different products but I’d never been able to use them due to my eczema and dermatitis they would irritate my skin until it was painful.

I then found Oztan 🙂 not only does it make my skin look and feel amazing but it’s eczema and dermatitis friendly. It makes my skin glow and makes me look healthy. I cannot thank you enough. I am quiet pale person so having found you was the best thing I had ever come across.

Many many thanks. I will be a lifetime customer 🙂

- Amber Everett

Reynella SA

The best equipment and solution by far! I have had years of experience with many other brands and have never had one spray so naturally and look flawless whilst fading evenly and never going flaky!

Since introducing Oztan to my salon, my spray tanning business has tripled. Thank you Oztan, it is the best around by far!!!

- Jaide Hopewood

Owner Glamzilla Beauty - Ashwood, VIC

Can I please provide some feedback on your product?!! It is ABSOLUTELY top-notch!!! 

The product has no disgusting odours, it applies extremely well, and yes, after only 1 hour, a beautiful tan develops.

Another noticeable thing is that, unlike all other tanning solutions I have previously used, this one wears off gradually leaving no obvious marks, splotches etc.

I am extremely impressed and you’ve definitely gained my business. Thanks a million!

- Chamon Vogels

Hong Kong

Thank you for keeping in contact and caring! I’ve used other brands and your company is the most genuine in terms of caring about the individual and helping their business to grow and also the customer service is beyond awesome. You guys are the BEST!

- Bec Tomasello

Beauty & The Bronzed Australia NSW

Love Oztan!!

I jumped on board with Oztan when I was looking to expand my makeup business & I’m so glad that I did!

I’m allergic to most tanning solutions but not Oztan! This was really important to me when researching an appropriate solution. Don’t even get me started about the colour, it’s so natural looking that people ask where I have been holidaying!

- Romina Tsiaposa

Brunswick, VIC

The perfect tan! Fades absolutely perfectly no scrubbing needed! A colour for all my clients different skin tones and of coarse the one tan my boyfriend says smells good! No tanning odours. Even when I’ve had to run through the rain still came out with a perfect even coverage.

- Jaymie

Evolve Beauty, VIC

I’ve been using oztan in my salon for the past 3 years on myself and my clients and every person has been amazed by the results!

The products are natural and organic making them safe for your body and the tans always come out even and natural looking.

My favourite product to use on myself and is most popular with clients is the one hour tan as it gets the desired colour for all skin types in such a short period of time!

- Claire Beaton

Bronzed Babes WA

The only one hour tan that actually stays on and gives you colour after 1 hour!

- Jaide Hopwood

Glamzilla, VIC

Hi Ladies, Just wanted to recommend and tell you all how wonderful the Oztan products are. I have been tanning for over 5 years and have been using Oztan for approx a year or so!!

I have converted all my lovely clients to the Oztan solution as it’s the best colour that I believe they will receive from all the different tans available on the market (I have trailed many over the years).

It goes on beautifully and wears very evenly compared to most Spray Tans! I would recommend Oztan to anyone thinking of getting a Tan!! Seriously give it a go, you won’t be disappointed ❤❤

- TB Spray Tanning

We just love your product and so do our clients.  No nasty smell, lovely colours and goes on easily.  The 1 and 2 hour development time are a real hit.

- Gina Collins

Meticulous Organic Beauty VIC

I just love the Whisper Quiet Air Brush. Flawless tans every time & our clients love it!

- Lorella

Ella Bache Newmarket Brisbane QLD

I have heard amazing feedback on your machine at our conferences.

- Marissa Cross

Ella Bache Armidale NSW

Natural, Australian Made & Cruelty Free

Why Oztan?

  • Colour balanced for natural olive tones
  • Natural DHA, Anti-Oxidant rich, No nasties
  • No typical fake tan odour
  • Dries quickly, not sticky or oily
  • Long lasting colour that fades slowly and evenly
  • High quality equipment
  • Proudly 100% West Australian made and owned
  • Not tested on animals
  • Free from alcohol, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Synthetic DHA and Synthetic fragrance.


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