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Superior Airbrush Tanning

A new level of spray tan perfection

To guarantee flawless results the delivery process is very important. Oztan has therefore developed the revolutionary Oztan Airbrush System elevating spay tan application to a whole new level of performance.

Ideal for delivering celebrity A-list results every time.

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Natural, Flawless development

Flawless… Everytime!

Precision product delivery

The 60psi Airbrush Compressor coupled with the Oztan Airgun delivers the active ingredients more evenly, so the tan develops more evenly, lasts longer and fades more evenly too.

Airbrush tanning produces smaller, more concentrated spray droplets ensuring a more even distribution of the active tanning ingredient. This ensures a more flawless and even tan development also increasing tan longevity and an even fading process.

Light Weight, precision

Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Light weight quality that never leaks.

Quality stainless steel and aluminium is lightweight, long lasting and refreshingly the gravity feed pot never leaks.

With adjustable fan width allowing for artistic creativity and precise body contouring all in under 5 minutes for a full body tan.

happy, returning Clients

Whisper Quiet Function

Ideal for salon or spa

At only 54 Db this is the quietest spray tan system on the market making it ideal for busy salons and spas with no noise to disturb other clients enjoying treatments.

Flawless, SUPERIOR function

Increase Your Profits

Less overspray means less cleaning and more profits for you.

Achieve an extra 10 tans per litre compared to the average plastic turbine system. The precisely directed spray function directs the product onto your client’s skin with minimal overspray. Using only 35 – 40ml per tan, that’s an extra $350 return per litre of tan solution.

25 tans x $40 = $1000 ROI per litre (approximate)

education & marketing support

Professional Training Included

Online or in person

Achieving flawless results is not only dependent on  outstanding products and equipment – education and the application process is vital to ensuring you are equipped to achieve success.

The online Education Program included with every Airbrush System encompasses product knowledge, application techniques and system maintenance as well as tips for marketing and customer retention.

In salon training available in some areas.

Spray Tan Training

compact & portable

All-in-One Compact Turbine System

Compact and portable

The Oztan All-in-One Compact Turbine Spray Tan System is lightweight and exceptionally portable making it ideal for the professional mobile tanner or as an introductory model.

Stainless steel components

This generation 3 model includes upgraded stainless steel components – trigger, flow dial and internal fluid needle for increased spray tan control for professional results.

The included 250ml Tan Me Fast (Med – Dark) Oztan professional spray tan solution will provide approximately 5 full body tans.

Whisper Quiet quality

Why Oztan?

  • High quality equipment with 1 year warranty
  • Flawless application for better colour development
  • Whisper Quiet so it doesn’t disturb other clients
  • Minimal overspray means less cleaning and more profit
  • Refreshingly never leaks
  • Professional training included

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What People Are Saying…

The best equipment and solution by far! I have had years of experience with many other brands and have never had one spray so naturally and look flawless whilst fading evenly and never going flaky!

Since introducing Oztan to my salon, my spray tanning business has tripled. Thank you Oztan, it is the best around by far!!!

- Jaide Hopewood

Owner, Glamzilla Beauty, Ashwood, Victoria


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