Oztan Spray Tan Solution Starter 5 Pack

Solution Starter Pack

Exceed all client expectations with a professional colour choice to suit all skin types and every occasion.

This starter package includes all five carefully colour balanced choices.

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Oztan Professional Solution Starter Pack Includes:

  • Tan Me Golden Honey 2HR (light) 7% DHA
  • Tan Me Bondi Bronze 2HR (Med) 9% DHA
  • Tan Me Desert Oak 2HR (Dark) 12% DHA
  • Tan Me Fast (Med - Dark) 12% DHA
  • Tan Me Fast (Extra Dark) 16% DHA

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1L, 250ml

How to Apply

Oztan solutions have been formulated with a light non-sticky texture that dries quickly.

Using professional spray tan equipment, spray one even coat of 35 – 40ml onto well-exfoliated clean and dry skin that is free of moisturiser and antiperspirant. One light coat is all that’s needed for optimal colour development.

Rinse off after a minimum of 1 – 2 hour and pat dry. The tan will continue to deepen after rinsing.
For deeper results rinse off after 2 – 4 hours.

  • For best results you should always wax the day before you tan.
  • Thoroughly exfoliate your entire body with the Oztan Exfoliation Mitt.
  • Don’t have any body moisturiser or antiperspirant on your skin.
  • Wear loose dark clothing after your spray.
  • Stay dry and don’t exercise until it’s time to rinse off.
  • Pat dry and apply Oztan Kakadu Plum Body Moisturiser.
  • Maintain your tan with Oztan Tan Extending Shower Gel and top up colour with Oztan Tan Building Moisturiser.
  • Soaking in a chlorinated spa or pool will cause your tan to fade faster.

Shake well before use and store in a cool dark cupboard or refrigerator.


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